The Dungeon Seeker Chapter 4


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Here‘s Chapter 4 of The Dungeon Seeker.

Phew. Light novel chapters are really long…but then…..the next chapter to this was like twice longer…*searches for MofuMofus*. I really need “things” for this novel… the gore is only getting worse…but yeah…that’s just how it goes.


3 comments on “The Dungeon Seeker Chapter 4

  1. Sean Emanuel says:

    Sorry I hope you find something to MofuMofus cause I got a feeling you are about to get real busy mmmmmwwwwahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  2. I learned many ways to deal with the gore but it might make it worse or even make your feel sick (the methods I use). Well either way one way I do not recommend to do but may help with the gore is ………………… well, I guess I just say it straight out, “Imagine your own death the most bloodiest way”. But I do not recommend this for you if you have a weak stomach or have a extreme fear of dying (I lost that fear). So is your choice but it is not recommended only tossing a idea out there.

  3. Or you can keep reading and hope for it to pass soon enough(adapt to it).

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