Dungeon Seeker……is really dark and gore.


This may be a spoiler…. but depends on you. 

The first volume… you can say that it’s really similar to Arifureta… Yes… but the difference is really the gore that is with it… I took a peek at volume two. Have you ever heard about “Elf Stew” or “Elf Sashimi”? Yes. that’s the stuff that comes out… I was like Σ(°д ° )

Yes. It’s very much like that. Unlike the manga, which gore level couldn’t be reached that high, for reasons of publishing which I am not bright with, the novel has really some of those kinds stuff written very detailedly. If you like blood and flesh and great deaths, you’ll love this I guess.

I’ll just get working on chapter 5 I guess. If you read what I’ve written above, that’s what gonna happen pretty much. blood+flesh+action…

Special Thanks to Sean Emanuel-sama and Shin Amazake-sama who doesn’t want me chasing mofumofus. Instead, they want the Dungeon Seeker. Yess blood and violence you will get then. Fufufu.

19 comments on “Dungeon Seeker……is really dark and gore.

  1. darcemeus says:

    Elf killing!? Okay I might have to check this series out then. Especially if the elves get the shit absolutely curb stolped out of them.

  2. Lazypioneer says:

    mean while in Kumo Desuga

    『And, could I ask various questions?』
    「If I can answer it, anything」
    『Then, un, that, what are you eating?』
    「Hmm? Shiro-chan’s homemade dish. The menu is Elves meat stir-fried vegetables」

  3. jon021 says:

    I haven’t heard of elf stew or elf sashimi, but elf stir fry, I have.

  4. cbfarrar says:

    Great, now I’m hungry

  5. Sean Emanuel says:


  6. midoyashii says:

    How can it be elven girls is the dream of no one that travels a world doesn’t think of having a slave or wife out of them.
    I can’t believe he is ordering an elven kabab out of them instead hahaha cooo….. I mean not cool.

    • ftaku says:

      I would understand eating the males, but I agree you keep the Girls as member of your Slave Harem

    • bosc12 says:

      You read tate no yusha?
      Think of the bitch-princes……now in a elf-mode……..yep……if you dont want to kill her yet……then……….well…..this will be awkward.

  7. ftaku says:

    If you are not a huge fan of the gore how about you space it out. Do one or two a week with plenty of MofuMofu in between

  8. midoyashii says:

    When will he gonna meet the bitch Nariko or Noriko or whatever to make her despair..

  9. Kisato says:

    I was right! It IS just an edgier RE:Monster!

  10. Guess he’d become too twisted to care.

  11. Well, if that is how dark it is, i am going to need recipes…

    • i must say, i love how you are lining up your novel translations with cute manga mage, loving wife of an old guy, and then the slaughtering of sentient beings to use as bbq

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