Welcome to Paichun Translations.


Hello. I am Paichun, I translate Japanese Web and Light Novels.

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I hope you enjoy reading.

3 comments on “Welcome to Paichun Translations.

  1. nyaaasite says:

    as I am don’t have a PayPal etc,I can only support you with a whitelist and click some of your ads.

  2. Milanin says:

    He~llo~. Was just thinking about ‘why does the background so familiar, so I dug around (search– attempt 1: “minnadepikunikkunomahou”? gives the children’s book looking thing… attempt 2: looking at the pages background image, reverse search image, and…)… Found out it’s the same characters as the cover of the Manga thing… Then I looked at the background, looked at the cover, looked at my bookmarks, then I noticed: I’ve read Raws to 110… And haven’t even seen this thing beyond the NU thing…

    • Milanin says:

      くじ引き 特賞 無双 ハーレム 権
      Kujibiki tokushō musō hāremu-ken
      Those tags when you reverse search it though…