Welcome to Paichun Translations.


Hello. I am Paichun, I translate Japanese Web and Light Novels. I am currently a student who just started to translate because I needed to do something in my free time since I didn’t really want to get a part-time job. So I thought I might just as well do something with the extension of a hobby and just hope to gain something from it.

It would be really nice for you to support me by whitelisting my website on your AdBlock. You can also support me by donations.

I hope you enjoy reading. Thank you for visiting my website.


3 comments on “Welcome to Paichun Translations.

  1. nyaaasite says:

    as I am don’t have a PayPal etc,I can only support you with a whitelist and click some of your ads.


  2. Milanin says:

    He~llo~. Was just thinking about ‘why does the background so familiar, so I dug around (search– attempt 1: “minnadepikunikkunomahou”? gives the children’s book looking thing… attempt 2: looking at the pages background image, reverse search image, and…)… Found out it’s the same characters as the cover of the Manga thing… Then I looked at the background, looked at the cover, looked at my bookmarks, then I noticed: I’ve read Raws to 110… And haven’t even seen this thing beyond the NU thing…


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