One more reason to get lazy translating.


I just saw a site that copy-pastes my releases. Well, good job on how you’re doing that, that’s I could say.

Maybe also one reason why translators won’t increase in numbers, some even stop. It’s not only that site in particular, but there are a lot more other sites which are like that.

I don’t really care that much about it honestly. It’s too much of a hassle to think about those kinds of things and it’s not like I’m going to be able to do something about it. Maybe I can by posting fake chapters or something but I’d rather watch MofuMofus or just read some new novels, which is probably how most people think and the reason why they get away with it.

I dunno. I wish I just didn’t find out about it.

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  1. violetgale says:

    Such an outrage!! Who would dare to do that to the hard working you!?!?!? May that person be struck down by lightning!! >:U

  2. FinzRaizer says:

    well, i only connect the link that attached to Novelupdates / some pdf link for re-read

  3. kirindas says:

    It’s too bad there’s no easy way to get that site shut down. They’re evil for profiting on other translators’ work.

  4. weccy says:

    What about adding random lines in the novel, saying “translated at”? or maybe look into the wordpress content copy protection plugin?

    I haven’t used the plugin personally, as I am just a leech, but the group that translated magi’s grandson did. And it seemed to work just fine; couldn’t copy any of the text, save any images, or anything.

    • hikarikyuubi says:

      This is a pretty good solution. I’ve seen a couple of sites use this and it seems to be working.

      You’re doing a great job, pai, thanks for the great reads.

  5. zarethknyght says:

    Yea…a very sad problem. They should at least give credit to the translators and editors properly.

  6. sfcipher says:

    Unfortunately, not only it happened on your site, in fact, quite a few sites having the same problem. Their work has been copied and pasted to another site too. You may want to go to NU forum to discuss what type of countermeasure you can employ on your site.

  7. mingshunlin says:

    How about this trick?

    Machine translate ahead. Maybe 10 chapters or so. Post them. Credit the translation to google or something.

    Those novel aggregation sites will happily eat it up thinking that you just did a lot of work to celebrate an event or something.

    Then work through the chapters at your normal pace.

    This way, you force the novel aggregation site to manually hand-edit a replacement every time you post up a properly translated chapter. It doesn’t look like it’s community translated, otherwise your credits wouldn’t be removed under normal circumstances.

    • mingshunlin says:

      Sorry, I mean pass the moon runes through a machine translator. Shouldn’t take more than a minute to get an “English” translation. I’m not so sure those novel aggregation sites are concerned with quality. But if enough translators do this, you can definitely hurt its reputation.

  8. Vincent Lin says:

    Randomly put in something out of place every few paragraphs. Whether it be about how it was translated on your site, or encouraging flaming on the site the viewers end up reading it on (that isn’t yours), it should have at least some effect.

  9. Woah, I guess lately that has become regular, those good-for-nothing just go and steal the fruits of your effort, but, please keep in mind that all of us are really greatful to you, I´m saying from my heart, thanks., even if those people are like that we know who is the one who make this posible, and keep sharing with us this kind of things, at least we could make a lot of spam and let the rage flow hahaha.

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