Currently Translating: Dungeon Seeker


Thankfully sponsored by Sean Emanuel-sama, I am currently translating Dungeon Seeker.

Hopefully, I can finish translating one chapter until tomorrow, since I need to keep breaks because of the gore from it……which I am forced to imagine since I am translating it…….Kido’s head explosion explained for like 10+ sentences, for example. And also, Chapter 1 was like double the length of other chapters, so that’s also something.

Also, unfortunately, the illustrations for the Dungeon Seeker light novel were like status windows so if you want to know how they would look like, better look at the manga version.

The schedule that I placed at the top left side of the site would be adjusted accordingly.

Thank you for supporting!

9 comments on “Currently Translating: Dungeon Seeker

  1. White019 says:

    Thanks for the translation.
    I would like to translate your version to Spanish, so I would like to ask for your approval.
    In addition, I am making a donation dispocision 1-2 dollars a week for it.

  2. Thank you, Sean Emanuel-sama! Also thank you translator! And hope your you don’t give it up from the gore…

  3. hexwolfx says:

    Cool hope to read the ch tomorrow

  4. Really thank you Sean Emanuel-sama and of course Paichun-sama, I’m burning with desire to read this novel.

  5. Fluffy-Bunny says:

    Thanks for picking this up! 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

  6. Is the raw source of this from the Light Novel or the Web Novel? I heard that the Web Novel got cancelled due to plagiarism and I don’t know too how far the Light Novel progresses. Can you fill me up on that?

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