Piggy Duke Chapter 1


I know, I started a new one. But don’t ask me too many questions for this one, I’m reading it while translating it, but I know that this is very sweet. And it’s just getting started.

Here‘s Chapter 1 of “Buta Kōshaku ni Tensei Shitakara, Kondo wa Kimi ni Suki to Iitai”. Which translates to “Because I Reincarnated as the Piggy Duke, I Want to Say I Love You This Time”

I’m still figuring out how I would schedule my translations, but there’s one thing I have already decided, it was that I will translate a lot. Learn a lot about translating, maybe somehow I can get a job with it. But well, “work” still sound like it sucks for me, so I’ll just practice casually with web novels and light novels.

But even saying that, I am willing to accept all your support. Please donate or turn off AdBlock for this website so I can continue have a reason for translating. Thank you.


3 comments on “Piggy Duke Chapter 1

  1. Dark Jackel says:

    Good start. Comments aren’t turned on for the chapter page, so I’ll say this here:

    If the most sympathetic character ended up being the villainous foil, you may have screwed up a bit, anime adaption. Still, it’s refreshing, right? 😋


  2. exqalph03 says:

    lol. Now this is interesting.
    How should I say this? This kind of story makes me more immersed?

    — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^


  3. cheesepit says:

    I turned off AdBlock for you 🙂

    The premise sounds interesting, thanks for the chapters!


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