The Dungeon Seeker


1New series: The Dungeon Seeker

Here‘s the Prologue.

Still thinking, researching, studying for the words that I would use for the novel, and still figuring out the word preferences of the author have. I still don’t know how many f#!ks I need to use in this novel for swearing, literally. I still need to get used to it, so don’t expect super fast releases.

It has strong violence and gore, but I remember when I read a few years ago and how I really liked it. Unfortunately, it was removed in syosetsu narou and I have only found its light novel version recently.

The speed of the release I would have with this novel would probably increase if it was worth it (more views, maybe likes). But if not, maybe a release once a week or more, same with my other project Tales of Leo Attiel.

8 comments on “The Dungeon Seeker

  1. Lazypioneer says:

    iirc this have good enugh manga

  2. kenchan223 says:

    Get ‘Humans are the Strongest’ LN lol

  3. thedefend says:

    This was axed for plagiarism wasn’t it?

  4. rezndvous says:

    yesh finney there is someone who willing translate this novell,but will it be catch up with the manga? and thank you

  5. Puiu says:

    Yes, please translate this novel. I’ve read the few manga chapters (6 atm) that were translated and i found it to be really awesome.

  6. Drejzer says:

    The guy on the cover reminds me of that MC’s friend from Beelzebub…

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