Well, it’s been more than a month since I started this translation site. I really do not know what to do still, but at least I can translate, I can say. I do not use MTL so I really found out how my English sucks, it is something understandable at least since the series I picked up were simple and easy to translate. There is a lot of words that I thought that I already understand, in fact, it has been a while since my default language in my head was Japanase>English>My native language, but I found out how I sucked at English and also probably Japanese. Thank goodness there are search engines and thesaurus that brought new words to my vocabulary that was smaller than I thought.

And the result, I was able to translate more than a hundred chapters of web novels. I could have done more, but anyone else isn’t translating that much so that doesn’t matter. Also, sitting for hours in front of the PC isn’t something hard at all, I’m used to playing games for hours and staring at the monitor watching animes and reading web novels.

What surprised me though was, there were muscle pain or arm pain or wrist pain, those things weren’t expected. Playing games for hours, that never happened to me. But thinking about it, hitting few letters of the keyboard compared to hitting letters that usually not use. Well, trash talking is an exception which was fun by the way. Anyways, doing this translation things for a few hours a day with few only few breaks made my hands ache for a while.

I thought that my muscles have just being trained just like muscle pains after exercising, and the hell I saw this thing called Repetitive Stress Injury, Carpal tunnel syndrome, well some things that happens for too much typing. But it’s from the internet and doesn’t really seem to be that serious of a problem, but in any cases, I’m trying to be careful.

I noticed that rather than both hands aching, my right arm was worse. Well, I use the mouse with that hand + type and backspace a lot with it, so it’s natural that it has more burden. Then, I searched what to do with that, and I found this ergonomic mouse and ordered it. I also saw this trackball mouse but I thought that I’ll just try it next time. I just hope that it relieves some of the pain from using the mouse. It’s just $15 so it’s not that much but I saw this video that it looks fine, so I wanted to try it.

I cannot increase my translating speed. I can currently translate five chapters maximum per day, and the bad part is, there’s this mood of mind that I didn’t want to translate or get near that novel at all. I get sick of it, it looks disgusting for a while. Just thinking of it makes me want to throw up. So there’s that, so I would want to translate a different novel. But the problem is, there’s already a lot of novels that I am currently translating and I cannot increase my translation speed, so the releases would get slower.

Although, most of these things can be solved by time. I can take a break once in a while and not work on it for a long time, my arms are getting trained that it could be stronger which probably means less pain, I can simply just get patient, but unfortunately I’m not that patient. I know that I should just to what I want to, but I feel sorry for those guys that are waiting for faster release.

I was like wtf. But whatever. I think I did a great job this last month. Maybe I would have different ideas on how to do this the better way, but I just get lost sometimes in the sea of youtube. I dunno.

But yeah, translating more than at least 100k words is an achievement for me right now I guess.


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  1. nyaaasite says:

    I hope your hand will get stronger soon 🙂
    and ,thanks for translating,its really fun to read your novel translations. btw, your English is not so bad at all
    sorry for my bad english

    • Paichun says:

      Thanks. Well, words are created to tell feelings and things. I feel your gratitude, that’s enough.
      But yeah, my English is not that bad, but I want to make it better in my standards.
      So I’ll just continue studying I guess.

      • kiyanazrael says:

        Yeah but u should know ur limit.. Never try too hard … Just little by little u will adapt and ur english will up to standart

  2. reedsolomon says:

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  3. Dark Jackel says:

    Y’know. Considering that even the fastest translators usually only release 1-2 chapters a day, your current speed can only be called ridiculously fast. Therefore, if you need to allow down to protect your health, it is completely OK to do so. Thanks for all the hard work you put in, and for sharing it with us all. 😄

  4. lemonade2 says:

    Btw from what anime is that gif from?

  5. Vincent Lin says:

    You have done an amazing job already, don’t let others tell you otherwise. The fact that you’ve worked so hard to give us so many releases is amazing.

  6. Mesmerised says:

    Thanks for all your hard work!
    Really appreciate the chapters and the translation speed. 😀

  7. To me….cute is justice….so for someone who can translate that much in a day……thank you ^_^

  8. Hildegarde says:

    5 chapters per day put you on the god realm already, just make sure you know your limit and doesn’t overexert it or whatever it is called… don’t burn yourself out, and keep the stable speed… we’re not expecting more than that already since our common sense said ‘daily translations means 1 chap/day’….
    so yeah, thanks btw and best regards~

  9. It’s okay to take a break for a while. Carpal Tunnel isn’t worth the output. Carpal tunnel pain hurts pretty hard.

  10. thediabolicalgenius says:

    You’ve done pretty damn good already though. I can’t think of many translators who have done as much as you have just a month after starting, even if you were concentrating on novels with short chapters.
    I just hope you’re not someone who blazes bright for a short period and then just loses interest and vanishes. Take a time out and try to figure out a pace you can work at over the long term without killing your motivation or losing the use of your hands. That’s probably for the best.

  11. SpiralBaka says:

    there are things I’d like to comment. I once tried to translate a japanese webnovel using some google, dictionary and my limited japanese knowledge.

    =>Also, sitting for hours in front of the PC isn’t something hard at all
    -that is hard. really, how the hell can you be ok doing that.
    =>Anyways, doing this translation things for a few hours a day with few only few breaks made my hands ache for a while
    -it should be your head, not your hand. when I tried to translate a chapter, i got a headache every few minutes because of how confusing japanese is.
    =>I can currently translate five chapters maximum per day
    -that is amazing. it took me 4 hours to translate a chapter, and it’s accuracy is only about 70% (I compared it to a translated chapter on the web).

    really. you’re amazing. I hope you get better at translating. both your hand and your language.

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