7 comments on “Kenshi Mahou 9999 Light Novel Volume 1 Illustrations

  1. kudryavkanic says:

    Looks like shes getting a spanking after the pajama rangers

  2. Alyuna says:

    eh, they are wearing normal school uniform 🙁
    I am always imagining their uniform looks more like adventurer (robe for mage or leather armor for warrior)

  3. ryve16 says:

    Pajarangers! I want to watch that show!

  4. Nyamsus says:

    Oshiri pen pen!!!

  5. Thanks for the update

    I still think that the MC should has asked to be send back to warrior departament when she won the teacher, but it is the author’s decision

  6. aosorapdf says:

    PajaRanger!!!! Wai!! Wai!!

  7. memerou says:

    Charlotte, 14 years old … yet having that kind body~~~

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