17 comments on “Manga Yome Light Novel Volume 1 Illustrations

  1. Nyamsus says:

    I want Mami!!!!!!!

  2. Really is a notable physical difference between the two.

  3. Vincent Lin says:

    This really is far too cute.

  4. midnight2630 says:

    Little Sylvia is really cute!
    doesn´t matter how i see it, the princess is a little girl right?

  5. thedefend says:

    Catgirl isnt loli. What kind of heresy is this

  6. I was imagined a Bigger Dragon. Though still good.

  7. sfcipher says:


  8. smoggythebear says:

    you know…the Lucio Dragon looks ridiculous…but everything else is so cute <3

  9. Catgirl is some kind of oppai-loli?

  10. GM_Rusaku says:

    Looking at these make me suffer diabetes, all of the girls are too sweet!

  11. Mesmerised says:

    Too cute!!!

  12. Thaaaaanks~~~

  13. Wisecrack23 says:

    Do the manga he reads always just sorta float above his lap when he reads it or is it just that once?

  14. Albedo's Ahoge says:

    So many lolis….!

  15. goo21 says:

    It must be pretty uncomfortable to sit on hard and pointy dragon scales.

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