Manga Yome Chapter 32


This is the last chapter for the volume 1 of the light novel. There’s the side story, but still thinking if I’m going to translate it. It’s a long one, about around 5 chapters for one story ,and I just got lazy thinking of that. Maybe I’ll release it by parts, or just put it on a side for a while.

Here‘s Chapter 32 of Manga Yome.

If I’ll get reincarnated in another world, I’d rather like slow and comfortable like this. Don’t really like the drama for like every arc, enemies appearing one next to the other. That kind of thing should happen once or maybe never in real life, something like defeating the demon lord or whatever. Maybe something like “Otou-san, please give me your daughter!!” then battle would be nice, only if Otou-san wasn’t a martial artist or anything like that. Maybe chasing the sunset with rivals in school, having an infinite stomach + rich. The good parts, I’d love that.

Then, there would be the slav…. I mean, subordinates and allies that would support my living, making sure that I won’t have to lift a finger unnecessarily. Let them do the dirty parts and I’d just sleep in the sofa or in the bed or in their wiv.. I mean commander’s bed or their dau… I mean, subordinate’s bed, or their etc, and I would be a noble that can collect taxes. Taxes is good right, especially when you’re the one who’s going to receive most of it. In addition to that, cheat powers…… maybe I should really start writing this down lol.

But in the end, I’d just want have a peaceful quiet and good life whether its the next life or this today’s…. no ww3s… And if I was going to be born in the next life, I hope that I would have either cheat powers or the internet. ‘Cause, yes, “stuff”.

10 comments on “Manga Yome Chapter 32

  1. hexwolfx says:

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzz do the side story I hate missing at on things

  2. I think that is better if you translate the side story too

    It just will be a longer chapter and it will take more time to translate, it is worth

  3. midnight2630 says:

    you´re not the only one…

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