I’m planning on translating Light Novels. Maybe……….


^ I’m not yet sure on what to do though. Well, yeah…. I know that I still have these web novels to translate, but is wanting a new wind wrong. I also know that is still not yet a month since I started but translating started to become like a routine task. It’s not like I hate it, I am able to be more immersed in the novel and it deepens my understanding of it, maybe thinking on the author’s shoes, but it’s like eating chicken everyday for a week. It’s delicious, yes, but eating continuously for a few weeks, hmm, it started to taste bland after a while. It’s not that I don’t like it, I just have too much of it that my taste of it had changed.

So I thought, maybe, I might limit the releases per series for 3 chapters a week. Unless you give me gravy or whatever so I can eat the chicken deliciously, and so that I will have a reason to eat chicken that is free chicken, because free chicken is more delicious than paid chicken and I’m not used to eating free chicken lol. I also sometimes feel like eating chicken, so maybe at least 3 chapters a week.

Instead, I thought of translating light novels because I found out how to get copies of them. Still thinking of which one though, I’d also like to choose the chicken I’d eat. Whether the OP-harem MCs that I like, or something more light and fluffy-kind again, or the dark ones that is not of the faint heart(well, me for example). I think I might just translate teasers, then decide which one of them were most popular, I guess.Maybe I’d translate the Ore Dake Kaereru Kurasu Teni in its light novel version instead. Hmm. Maybe I’ll study/review english a little more.

That’s my goal for this month, I guess.

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  1. violetgale says:

    I’m okay with you translating a light novel 😀
    I just wish it is one with a female protag. I can’t find enough of those… it’s like a slowly dying species. People try translating it, but it gets abandoned sooner or later. I think there is only 2 that I completely got to finish reading the Evil God and about the Girl who ate Death (not including one-shots…They were awesome, but not enough for me). Lately I can only find female protags in chinese novels, but it is always the same… highly skilled doctor/ninja/mistreated rich girl with OPness (mostly after death or “remembering their former life” or going back to the past) that wants revenge for horrible treatment/wants to just live peacefully. And in that ones I at least tried reading the girls always loses there v-cards to a “bad” guy who at the time doesn’t deserve her and they always get together…Ugh! Mostly the main is an emperor/prince that has a harem/concubine/could but only has her =_=”

  2. It is your life, your route

    Anyway, I think that you should finish your current projects first, or at last translate till the last avaible chapter

  3. kenchan223 says:

    Okay, go for it. But the “dessert” (light novel) has to be ‘delicious’ (good).
    Find one where mc leads his female servants or w/e, im like into those lol

  4. trojan13ic says:

    Sounds very familiar T_T

  5. if eating alone, seems so lonely right ? why not eating with friends ?
    oh i just reading an interesting novel http://www.novelupdates.com/series/maou-sama-no-machizukuri-saikyou-no-danjon-wa-kindai-toshi/

    maybe you can enjoy eating chicken with them and enjoy the rich and many different flavor inside 1 chicken with them 😀

    Someone said….

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    -if you like magic and sword this novel have it.
    -if you like monster girls, this novel have it.
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    -if you like western demon girls, this novel have it.
    -if you like fantasy creature, like Elf, Dwarf, Fairy, Spirit, Angel[maybe in the future], Automata[maybe in the future]+it’s sisters(like Android, Cyborg, Cyber, Clockwork, Synthoid, Machina, Magic doll, Magic puppet, Homunculus)[Maybe in the future], etc, this novel have it.
    -if you like Loli, Big Breasted girl, flat chested girl this novel have it.
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    -if you like a novel with amnesia MC, this novel have it.
    -if you like a novel with MC as dungeon Master, this novel have it.
    -And many others~

  6. sfcipher says:

    I would prefer to stick with WN instead of doing LN. Some of the great LN were shut down in midway due to copy right issue with the original publisher. In addition, it cost more because you have to purchase the actual novel in order to do the TL.

    • yeah everyone know it after see the novel in novel update, i am just saying than eating alone, how about eating with friends, as my reply about him eating the same chicken and alone …

  7. kirin554 says:

    try sword of the philosopher

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