Kenshi Mahou 9999 Chapter 19


I thought that I’d had one more release, but nah, if it was a short chapter I could’ve but yep. Maybe next time.

Here‘s Chapter 19 of Kenshi Mahou 9999.

Tomorrow I’ll make releases of Itai no wa Iya no Maple-chan. It’s about the preparation until the start of the second event. I hope I could translate it at once, but if not. Be ready for a cliffhanger I guess.

2 comments on “Kenshi Mahou 9999 Chapter 19

  1. thedefend says:

    so the next after will be mangayome?

  2. Vincent Lin says:

    Tomorrow’s Itai ends in a cliffhanger? Oh god. I’m looking forward to the chapter, but I’m dreading the cliff…

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