Currently interested on.


There’s this novel that I was thinking of translating but got neck pain so yeah, maybe next time.

It was about a male battle priest-like from another world that was thrown away from the party by summoned Brave because he wanted harem. Maybe I’ll post its teaser later.

But well, it’s simply about a priest(healer) that dwells in efficiency and business-like way of doing his “faith” job, to support the summoned Brave who drowns in his cheat powers and who wants a harem for himself from the sidelines on the quest to defeat the demon king. The hardships of babysitting a childish, spoiled summoned Brave.


2 comments on “Currently interested on.

  1. FinzRaizer says:

    Cure your neck pain first & sleep lol


  2. hexwolfx says:

    I think that’s an interesting novel but don’t over work your self translating to many novels


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