Manga Yome Chapter 25


The last release maybe for the week. It got confusing releasing all series one chapter everyday, so I decided to release for only one series in one day. Next arc will be on the capital, Lucio gets more OP and probably get more lovey-dovey with his waifus, and his pet? cat and dog.

If you can’t wait for the next release, you can donate so I will have the motivation to translate it quickly.

Here‘s Chapter 25 of Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou ~Yometachi to Sugosu Ki mama na Seikatsu~

5 comments on “Manga Yome Chapter 25

  1. Sarksz says:

    Nice idea focusing on one series a day make u more focus translating it, thanks for the chapter

  2. Bergz says:

    No Fortress Maple-chan today?

  3. aosorapdf says:

    yes that’s better,
    well… make a release schedule will help you (perhaps in someway).
    for ex. Manga every Tue, or something like that

  4. Question, when you said last release of the week, it was a Sunday still right???

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