Lottery Grand Prize Chapter 35


I got started to get tired of these translations. Well, honestly the I’m on the dilemma of should I translate it literally, or should I add a few supplement words to make it more readable, or should I translate it literally but more readable.

I think the third one was the best, thinking of it normally. But yeah, I’m worried about things like it might lose the best things about the novel, or how my grammar sucks. Yeah, I don’t have confidence, but still try to do it, finish what I started.

Here‘s Chapter 35 of Lottery Grand Prize.

Yeah, there’s this flows of things, so I’m on the way down right now, but that’s normal after climbing a mountain. Though it’s possible to stay on the peak, but skills and a lot of things are needed for that. I still need to prove to myself I can keep this pace. Well, maybe I just need my daily dose of mofumofu for stress relief.

4 comments on “Lottery Grand Prize Chapter 35

  1. Pablo AS says:

    Its perfectly fine the way it is!… ALSO NEW CHAPTER !!!!!!!!

  2. goo21 says:

    I think your translations are good.

  3. I actually really enjoy your translations, I find it easy to read and I hope you keep translating. Also: Mofumofu on good person, mofumofu on.

  4. Countrymage says:

    Daily Mofumofu can reduce the chance of heart disease, so says science, such wisdom may even be found in religious texts disguised as parables. Your translation is pretty good, and pace is relatively fast. So, many thanks, but if you feel you might be burning out, you should slow down a little.

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