Slowly do it or at once.


I’m also a reader so I’m thinking about this. Should I release chapters at once, and what I mean about that is I’ll release the arc without cliff hangers. Or should I keep it this way, releasing chapters as soon as they’re finished. The latter may provide better quality translations, but it might slow. I mean adding things like translator notes and stuff so it’s easier to understand. Maybe I’ll also put Japanese characters and how to read them so you can also learn.

I hate cliff hangers as a reader, but I also like it since I will be thinking about the possibilities that may happen to the story, and that is fun in itself. But since I’m translating mostly(only?) web novels, maybe I can trace the pace that the author had been releasing the chapters of their novel originally. Both have their pros and cons. It’s just, I may get lazy to make a release, and just translate the next chapters instead. In fact, I just feel like that now.

What do you think?



17 comments on “Slowly do it or at once.

  1. kaaaaa says:

    im fine with this current speed tho, there’s no fun with no cliffs 😀


  2. GM_Rusaku says:

    The current status quo is fine.


  3. kikitondo says:

    Hmmm… i favor release at once…

    Even thought i somehow irritated when see the end of the chapter… but i cant afford to miss my daily dose of of these web novel


  4. JamieJJH says:

    I enjoy how your doing it now


  5. darcemeus says:

    I too am quite content with the current fast pace of chapter releases. Truly it is a very enjoyable experience.


  6. FinzRaizer says:

    I’m fine with cliff as long i don’t wait too long like 1 week / month, this speed already good i think 1-2chapter/ day / novel


  7. ryve16 says:

    i love cliffhangers, they give me the feeling of wanting to punch my friend’s face cus i want to know what happened. Thats why i punch him and then read the raws mtl and have a brain hemorrhage to sate my curiosity and wait for the translated version.

    …anyway, your pace is fine…


  8. Vincent Lin says:

    I’d say release when you finish translating. Releasing after you add the translator’s notes is also a favorable option (IMO). But I’d rather that you don’t stockpile a whole arc before releasing. The wait would be aggravating.


  9. passload says:

    cliffhanger is da bes!!


  10. kirindas says:

    I’d say the current situation is fine. Waiting for an arc to end takes the fun out of the cliffhangers.


  11. SpiralBaka says:

    the current speed is good.
    if it’s all at once, I might actually forget the novel itself because it’s been too long since the last release.


  12. psychobee says:

    i think the release update now is already good!!
    sometimes cliff is annoying but that also make the reader excited waiting the next chapter!! thanks for your hardwork!!

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  13. I think how it is now is good?


  14. CvkHawk1547 says:

    I think the current pace is good.
    I don’t really mind about the cliff 🙂


  15. laharl8080 says:

    Keep the pace, thoguht cliff is annoying… But that what make reading more fun…
    Since i’m reread type and sometimes wait novel finish 1 arc then read it…
    From my exprience it better read novel woth cliff


  16. Mohd Syahril says:

    Keep the current pace….


  17. Keep up the current pace….


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