Lottery Grand Prize Chapter 33


There are many short cuts in life. But unfortunately, when we realized that, we have already failed at some point. Well at least, we now know.

I’d like to rush a lot of things, I posted a lot of chapters for half a month. So yeah, I’m pretty rushy. The chapters were a bit short, but I released a lot so hey, that’s something. I hope I can still maintain it even next month.

Here‘s Chapter 33 of Lottery Grand Prize


4 comments on “Lottery Grand Prize Chapter 33

  1. acefisher says:

    And with this, you’ve caught up to the previous translator, congratulations.


  2. devilscarlet says:

    Please stay healthy and don’t over do it so that you can get your rythm and that we get accustomed to it!


  3. trojan13ic says:

    at last! congrats!
    time to flock in 😄


  4. Sherrynity says:

    Hey, you’ve caught up! Congratulation and well done~!!


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