Manga Yome Chapter 18


There are people who exploits their words. Word that weren’t put on papers, they say that they aren’t true, that the accusation is false. That is natural since humans are all liars. We even bend the reality to make it more fit for us to live in it.

But there are times that we will be forced to take responsibility to what we had said. There are promises that are needed to be protected. So yes. You shouldn’t text while your drunk. Who knows what your devil would whisper to you while you’re drunk. Maybe it’s going to be your second birthday of the year since you’re going treat food to your group of friends with your month’s pay.

Here‘s Chapter 18 of Manga Yome.

5 comments on “Manga Yome Chapter 18

  1. exqalph03 says:

    What anime is that picture from?

  2. ryve16 says:

    See? Im mostly here for the long winded sentences.

    …and the novel of course…

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