Lottery Grand Prize Chapter 32


Sometimes, there are things that we decided that we will never stop, or will never do it. But saying that itself, I think that was a losing flag. If you put it on words, it’s like you’re reminding or saying it to yourself. And that, maybe that was already the sign that your will had faltered. I mean, you already have the signs of losing if you need to say it to yourself , right.

But yeah, saying things into words is also v ery important. Especially if you have many times that you need to speak to a stranger. There are also body languages, but that is included since action speaks louder than voice. Just putting it into words, you can make what you are thinking about something very clear. Also, sempai wouldn’t notice you if you don’t call out to sempai. I prefer kouhai though.

Here‘s Chapter 32 of Lottery Grand Prize.

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  1. Pablo AS says:

    Um… maybe its my english but what your saying is that you are losing motivation to translate this novel?? O.o!!….

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