Manga Yome Chapter 16


Sometimes you just want to go outside. Forget about deadlines and things like that, you just want to be yourself, free from all your restrains. Look up the sky, and feel as if those things were trifle, think that you are free and feel the sunlight is shining for you.

But yes, we cannot escape to our restrains in reality, they are also a part of our life, and part of how we live. Having faith to a superior being would help some of us, but most of the time, we can only reach out our hands and maybe, someone of our own dimensions, would pull us up. And maybe, we would forget about feeling those things as restraints.

Here‘s Chapter 16 of Manga Yome.


3 comments on “Manga Yome Chapter 16

  1. smoggythebear says:

    aw…look at the (9) 🙂


  2. ryve16 says:

    You need to put a fire nation joke right after the first paragraph


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