Manga Yome Chapter 14


Sometimes I wish I had transformation powers. Maybe become a bird an fly through the skies. Become a cat and sunbathe and take a nap all the day. Maybe become a fish and swim all I want.

But, really, if I was really able to transform to something. I wonder if I can live in the wild or in their natural habitat. I mean, there’s a food chain out there right. I don’t think I can live in a place like eat or be eaten. I guess I can only use transformation in “stuff”.  Maybe if it was a very convenient powers that there’s no need to eat food(bugs and raw meat?), take a shit, or be targeted by predators, and a lot more, it might really be nice.

Here‘s Chapter 14 of Manga Yome.

2 comments on “Manga Yome Chapter 14

  1. laharl8080 says:

    If so try transform into something superior since its transformation skill its use yournimagination then it’s possible to transform into something superior like dynosaurs or dragon like the one at norse mythology the dragon that sleepnat deep sea

  2. Mech@ says:

    “Become a cat and sunbathe and take a nap all the day. ”

    This is especially attractive.

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