Lottery Grand Prize Chapter 25


Being given something is a nice thing. But sometimes there are those things that are unwanted. Pushed on to us, even though we do not wish for it. But in the end, we accept it. And although there’s no way of knowing that it would be needed, they still give it to us every time.

And I’m thankful for that. It’s not like I use it every time, but there comes a time when a trial comes, in a place where we would not have leeway. In times where that thing is needed but not supplied. Because of what they gave us, most of the time, we will be saved. So thank the fast food staff that gave you tissues, who knows where the “trial” would start.

Here‘s Chapter 25 of Lottery Grand Prize.

3 comments on “Lottery Grand Prize Chapter 25

  1. can u just translate that previous translator left before, because is anoying since what u did is bassically copypaste from previous one.and i hate when i see each time on notification it said is new but i already fucking read this. yeah u can hate me for speaking like asshole but atleast am not REAL ASSHOLE for teasing my reader

    • Paichun says:

      I started writing translations a few weeks back. Sorry if I annoy you with my will to learn and practice. It might seem copy paste to you, but if you are not content, I recommend for you to start learn the original language, so you might understand why I started from writing one of my favorite series. You will not regret it and you will not going to be annoyed again to stupid translations/translators if you are able to learn Japanese. Thanks anyways for visiting. Also, this comment is probably only valid for until next week.

  2. hexwolfx says:

    well that ruined my day but its your site

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