Lottery Grand Prize Chapter 24


Hey guys. Did you ever wanted to show off your good points? Making yourself more attractive from the outside. Everyone does it when in front of strangers. Although it’s hard to keep that “cool state” after being known by someone after a while, we can’t help but just doing it.

Although that is now bad, telling lies to someone you will never meet again might not be that good. Well, not only for that person that you told that, but also to yourself. We get used to saying things that will make things more advantageous for us, I’m not saying that’s bad though, I’m just saying there might be a more moral and better way of doing it.

Here‘s Chapter 24 of Lottery Grand Prize.


2 comments on “Lottery Grand Prize Chapter 24

  1. guidedicicles says:

    … You really sound like Satou in one of his preambles.


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