Lottery Grand Prize Chapter 22


Hey guys, to those that wants to help me and become my editor or something, I’m sorry I think I can’t put up with that. I’m not really that good at communicating to another person and I prefer doing a thing that I can do by myself. If you guys just comment the mistakes I will be really grateful.

English and Japanese languages, both of them I am still on my study with it. Analogies and Idioms that I have never heard before, or slang that have gone started to be used. I am still an amateur when it comes to writing, and the only way now that I’m trying to improve that is to just write a lot. I think it would be nice to have an editor who checks my wrong grammar or mistakes, but I still don’t want that what I think right now as an “unnecessary” thing inside my head.

Here‘s Chapter 22 of Lottery Grand Prize.

A lot of problems would come as the number of persons come up. What my goal right now is personal growth, with I can feel because I learn a new word everyday and find new ways of writing and stuff. Also, more importantly I have fun. I’m really grateful for those who support me like writing my mistakes as a comment. I want to get better, I’ve only started “writing” continuously recently, I’ve still got a lot of ways to improve. So thank you for reading this, thing. If you find some mistakes please comment it and I will try to fix it, Thank you.

3 comments on “Lottery Grand Prize Chapter 22

  1. acefisher says:

    Oh, did you change the site theme or background, Paichun? It feels slightly different.
    I wish you the best in your endeavor to improve.

  2. Mattaj says:

    Did you know that all chapters up to 33 are already translated?

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