Lottery Grand Prize 21


Hey guys. There’s a lot of “interesting” things in the japanese culture and literature. Well, in reality all countries have weird things in them somewhere but yup, we are all aware of the weird, interesting japanese stuff. 

Sometimes it would just fall without warning, and you will forced to go with it unwillingly. Starting from little to so much, they change our perception of reality but someday we became tolerate with it in the very deep part of our hearts. You may not know all about it, but inside you is a monster that has evolved to show you reality as strange as you could imagine. But that is only within you, and it is up to you if you want everyone to see it. You can do your best to swallow it, but it might swallow you instead. Yes, I’m talking about water and stuff.

Here‘s Chapter 21 of Lottery Grand Prize.

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  1. Nepuko says:

    That gif from wich anime pls? 🙂

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