A new series. Yes, again.


Yes, I did it. Well, I’ll do my best, but some chapters might become irregular from now on. I’ll promise that I’ll finish translating the series that I took, but I wanted to have variety of genres. I already knew what will going to happen to the stories of the three series I took before this, so this time I took something that I have not completely read, it’s Ore Dake Kaereru Kurasu Teni, same author with Tate no Yuusha btw.

I’m a reader as well, so I want to find ways to translate novels in my own way. If I read ahead of the story I might comment some unwanted spoilers that I don’t even realize that they are. So I want to choose this time an unfamiliar novel, well at least I have an idea of, so I chose this. If you’ve read Tate no Yuusha, then you should be ready for some dark-thingy that will happen. *Hugs knees in the corner* Yup, that was dark, need to go to waifu. You can’t appreciate the good things unless you know what’s bad right.

Here‘s chapter 1.

By the way, if you’re wondering if I can do all these series at the same time, well look at other translators and how long they take to release a chapter. I can also take all my time “perfecting” things like wrong words or grammars, but remember this, even authors themselves write wrong letters or unreadable things, so yeah mistakes are normal. I also chose novels that have fewer characters every chapter so it’s easy to translate a chapter at once. I can do it if I want to, but not without motivation, or maybe music to listen to?

Also one last thing, I might slow down my releases but that is something dependent on my mood or personal issues. Maybe I would want to watch some series in a marathon, maybe do something new, or maybe get sick. I can do all of that, but at least I will write it if I can’t release chapters for a while or something.

5 comments on “A new series. Yes, again.

  1. acefisher says:

    Yeah, you succeeded in bringing variety to your site.
    Also, Raphtalia, save us from the darkness!

  2. exqalph03 says:

    Well, looking forward to your future then~! lol.

  3. thedefend says:

    Want me to permanently grammar check stuff for you?

  4. nihillistkun says:

    another one? not that im not happy but i seriously worried about your health now

  5. Good luck in the new novel

    Anyway, I think that 4 novels are to much for a single person in your current rythm

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