Lottery Grand Prize Chapter 19

Hey guys. I noticed a lot of comments that says there’s a wrong words/grammar in the translations. Well, I’m sorry for that. I’m trying my best but if I checked every nick of the translations, my translation speed will fall.

But yup, I admit that my best is still not enough. I’m always at the dilemma of translating what the author written “literally” or somehow make it into words. There are a few lines in chapters that has incomplete sentence structure when translated, but readable in the original language. Makes me think twice if I should omit some of those and make it more readable or if I should just put a translator note below to explain it to make it more like the original.

I still only have a few experience on what to do, and I’m still trying to learn. I have started on writing translations for a few weeks. So thank you for those who are commenting the mistakes. I wouldn’t notice it if it wasn’t for you guys.

Here‘s Chapter 19 of Lottery Grand Prize.

By the way. I am not searching for editors or something. I want to figure out how much I could do by myself first, also how much I could improve. If you find something wrong in my translations, sorry for that.

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