Kenshi ~ Mahou 9999 Chapter 4


Hey guys. Have you been ever forced to do something you don’t want. Not like a crime-like thing, something out of good will. People sometimes make you do things that they think are good for you. Well, it’s harder to refuse that way because its not like they’re going to hurt you right.But yeah, being convinced by someone, if what they’re saying is correct is nice too. Thinking that whatever you think is correct is arrogance at most times, but being confident on what you believe is courage. Well, who cares anyway. If you have your loli waifu then all is solved. She can comfort you through the screen. But never bring it irl, you would probably go to prison, well most of the times?

Here‘s Chapter 4 of Kenshi Mahou 9999.

2 comments on “Kenshi ~ Mahou 9999 Chapter 4

  1. Sherrynity says:

    >… being confident on what you believe is courage.

    Uuh… not really. Sometimes it’s called being a stubborn rock-head.

    • Sometimes you’re right

      But if a person want to take a way, it isn’t right refusing to listen her just because “is a wasting doesn’t use this talent”

      If they want to be correct, they should suggest to take some optional or extracurricular classes for the magic departament and if she discover later that she likes this, transfer

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