Lottery Grand Prize Chapter 18


Hey guys. I put a donations button. So, well nothing changes. I really don’t know about how those things work but for the mean time I made one. Yep, you can buy me snacks from now on. There is also +100% boost on translation speed buff, you can buy those kinds of snacks. Sometimes it would be +1000% boost but yeah, I’ll try my best.

Maybe I’ll put a sponsored chapter button someday, but not right now. I still don’t have those kind of loose, but yeah it’s not like I’m going to stop translating soon. There’s a lot of novels I want to see in English but if my translation speed doesn’t go up, I think it would take me about a year to be sure to translate a lot of them up to the latest chapter. So it would be nice if you support me.

Here‘s Chapter 18 of Lottery Grand Prize.

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  1. In this case, let me do a few suggestions

    I just want to know if you cosider interesting and/or potential projects

    World’s End Online

    Angel In Online

    Isekai Cheat Magician

  2. Unfortunately,I can’t donate..Otherwise I would.

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