Lottery Grand Price Chapter 17

Hey guys. I released the half before the latest of this novel. Well at least I can say to you that this is not machine-translated. Well, if there are characters that are hard to translate I might consult the internet, translating analogies from original language directly is hell. So I might be not “100% accurate” in some lines but I’ll try to keep it making sense.

By the way, what’s the most expensive shopping that you have done. I don’t do something like that a lot though. I’m enough with my laptop, phone and my “things”, well anime goods occasionally are nice too. Clothes and groceries are regularly bought so maybe that. Bags and shoes? Well I had the one I bought last year that I seldom use. Maybe I should go out of my cave more often. Books are good though, seeing them stacked in the bookshelf somehow makes me feel relieved.

Here‘s chapter 17 of Lottery Grand Prize.

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