Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou Chapter 4

Hey guys. In this chapter, it took me difficulty to translate because of the ninjas cutting-onions. But yeah, I did it. There’s something to consider for me, translating. It’s a nice hobby and yeah, I also learn so many things. Well, I’m really weak to those cute and emotional things, maybe if I translate a novel like that it would take me years. Even watching/reading dramas take be forever. 

There are those things that really go straight to your feelings, right. Translating a novel made me feel those things a lot more because I need to think about what the author want’s to tell, and if my translations are correct or isn’t there a better way to write it to make it more proper. It made me a way to procrastinate better and yeah, maybe emotional things aren’t for me. But hey, it’s a new something. I like mofumofus and slice of life better, I guess.

Here‘s Chapter 4. Enjoy it, I hope.

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