Lottery Grand Prize Chapter 14


Finally almost half before the latest chapter available. Well, I think I’m working hard on it and getting better on translating. The bad part was my hands hurt from typing, well this is the first time that it happened to me. Even typing college thesis wasn’t like this. Well on that part, the one that hurts was my head, so I don’t really know which was worse.

But hey, I got better in translating and got faster in typing. Also means when my hand hurts, my fingers exactly, it’s proof that I’m improving. Well, it was because I didn’t have a research before posting so it was bad, but yeah life is just like that lol. Maybe for sometime in the future I would win something like the MC in this chapter.

Here‘s chapter 14 of Lottery Grand Prize. Demon Sword-chan is the best.

3 comments on “Lottery Grand Prize Chapter 14

  1. fones2411 says:

    You could try voice typing. I use it to do college assignments.

  2. Pablo AS says:

    thanks a lot… the QUALITY its increase is like comparing mud to a high grade steak cooked to perfection with special spices!!!!…Also the other project its kinda cute =P

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