Lottery Grand Prize Chapter 12


Well, seeing the reaction with the other series my will to translate this one was lost lol. But yeah I started it so I will finish it. Maybe 5 chapters left before it’s latest but I’ll only release 2-3 chapters per day, you know checking/uploading that stuff. I’m thinking of uploading at least 1 chapter per day of the other release, well until the end of this month.

But forgetting that, the MC is starting to get OP so yeah it would be nice if you guys continue reading this. Saving heroines in the nick of time and grabbing their hearts, the thing called harem members are being sowed so don’t miss this chapter.

Here‘s chapter 12.

13 comments on “Lottery Grand Prize Chapter 12

  1. Sherrynity says:

    >Well, seeing the reaction with the other series…

    …? Which series…?

  2. memerou says:

    I have no problem with you translating both series~~~

  3. hexwolfx says:

    Translated bouth series I like them bouth

  4. I hope you can translate both novel. I really enjoy reading both novel and both novel are gems 🙂

  5. Lottery grand prize are relatively quite interesting to read. Hope you will not lose faith in the series 🙁

  6. I kinda love Lottery Grand Prize this novel. Other than the lusful MC, its relatively nice. Hoping you will not lose faith in the series!

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