If someone suddenly asks you about something.


Hey guys. Do you have the experience of being called out by a stranger and be asked of directions? Well, I have. I think at that time, I wasn’t able to tell the correct directions or I had no idea. I probably asked him where his destination was and asked someone else on how to go there. It’s scary being called out by a stranger suddenly but hey,if she/he was your type or something, it be a win. But your chances of being like Chino-chan up there is a lot higher though. Same thing happens if a friend asks something weird suddenly too. If it was email you can just not reply. But in person, it would be hell.

Also it would suck if you were having fun with your friends and suddenly some stranger makes a commotion. Well, reality sucks in the first place so who cares anyway. If I had outgoing friends to hang out with outside, I wouldn’t be a translator lol.

Well here‘s chapter 11 of Lottery Grand Prize. The last chapter of the book of fantasy lottery. Next chapter would be of the next arc’s.

I’d do a stranger’s favor if she was cute tho. But yep honey trap is dangerous.

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  1. acefisher says:

    Link is to chapter 10.

  2. canaria23 says:

    a lot and they were all asking the way to the water station

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