Have you ever tried using magic?

Hey guys. Do you ever wanted to use magic? Well I did. With dark-power that was infused in my left arm, I summoned a dark dragon and with my right arm I summoned eight dragons. I also made my own chants that sounded ridiculous. Normally I was only shouting the magic name though, it was cooler that way. I made a gun with my finger but instead of shouting a bang, i shouted ray gun.

I also drew a mark in my forehead, fought trolls and basilisks. But yeah, in reality there were cool card tricks or something that I haven’t been able to learn. Those were also cool though but who cares though. Maybe I’d just imagine a fantasy world with cheat powers maybe. Or maybe steal a ring from my relative and go for a journey to some volcano.

Here’s chapter 9 though.

「Take this!!」 *Readers being caught up by the explosion* 「*Collapses*」

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