Have every won a prize at a lottery?


Hey guys. Have you ever win a prize at anything?

Well, surely you have. And probably there are those times that you were at first happy after hitting a prize, but when you opened the box, you were like Rayneshia-chan right up there complicated and forced to be happy. Well, at least look that you were.

You sure drew the jackpot but the only thing you get was a piece of paper saying congratulations. That’s also nice though, for low-budgeted parties. Who cares? You can say that you won at the least.

Well, here‘s chapter 10 of Lottery Grand Prize.

2 comments on “Have every won a prize at a lottery?

  1. Dash323 says:

    I’ve only won something once and I was pretty happy. Considering it was a set of 10 CD’s of albums that would have cost me close to 200 bucks xD

  2. acefisher says:

    Well, the last time I won a prize at a drawing, it was money, so that was nice.

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