What kind of Maid-san would you like?


I finished translating again. I’ll catch up soon I hope. Uploading a few chapters a day, I might catch up within a week or two. Thanks to the guys that are urging me to translate chapter 34. Don’t worry you’ve waited for months for that.  It wouldn’t change being delayed a few weeks. You also probably forgot what happened so you should read it again from the start 🙂

By the way,what kind of Maid-san would you like?

Here‘s chapter 4.

4 comments on “What kind of Maid-san would you like?

  1. Drekking says:

    Don’t even ask, the MC got it all right !

  2. hexwolfx says:

    Thank you for explaining it too us

  3. acefisher says:

    You might want to enable comments for chapter 4 itself.

  4. acefisher says:

    Honestly, I pretty much forgot this story existed until I saw your prologue chapter on Novel Updates.

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