I like overpowered-not-crying MCs.


Yup. I spent the last few hours translating while watching my favorite show. That was something. Well at least I think I’m getting better and hope that I could increase the speed that I am working.

The Kujibiki’s chapters have only around 3000 characters and use easy ones too so I could translate this fast I think. If there were Kanji letters that has no direct translation to English I think it would take double the time. That’s why I chose this novel. Well, I like the MC most of all. Making harem and that without bitching around like a pussy. Well like a Boss maybe.

Well that’s that. Here’s chapter 5.

6 comments on “I like overpowered-not-crying MCs.

  1. hexwolfx says:

    Coooooooooooooooool ch

  2. siral20 says:

    Thanks for the the translation,
    FYI the line “「I’m going to grudge anything」” doesn’t seem to make sense.

    • Paichun says:

      yeah, that didn’t mean anything lol
      I was thinking which word I would use so I probably slacked off and did not check that.
      thanks for pointing that out.

  3. Panther says:

    Keep up the good work

  4. Pablo AS says:

    THANKS!!… i will wait until you GET the loli sword to start reading, i did a few looks and its really better than the previous one. MAY THE LOLI POWER FILL YOUR BODY!! hope you can finish translating it all

  5. Mesmerised says:

    Thanks for the chapter!
    I’m just happy you decided to pick this up. Just continue at your own pace. ^^

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