It was something that I was not aware of.


Hey guys.

I didn’t know that it was already been being translated. But I have already have the next chapters ready so do not know what to do.

Was there any rules in novelupdates that I shouldn’t overlap the chapters of an already translated novel?

Should I post the next chapters or should I just jump to chapter 34?

I don’t know O.O

7 comments on “It was something that I was not aware of.

  1. illya01 says:

    you may as well post what you have done and then jump to 34

  2. Silver says:

    you can continue translating since the other translator has been missing for 3 months. Ty for picking up

  3. Night says:

    do as you like I’m just happy it’s being translated again

  4. Taupinette says:

    No such rules. Online translations are mostly unofficial anyway. With this one being dropped by the other translator you won’t get any complain neither.

    If you were planning to do it from the beginning, and considering that it is your first attempt at translation, you might as well continue like this. You will be able to get used to it before getting to ch.34 and you have already translated chapters to check whether or not you’re making mistakes. You probably won’t get many readers until you catch up though.

    (∩◉ᴥ◉)⊃━☆゚.* Do your best~

  5. Robbini says:

    No, the only rule is a 3 months time limit before someone else can ‘rightfully’ claim and continue on a translation that had been dropped or on hiatus. If you’ll look at the novel information, the last update from Nooblate was 24.5.16, so the time limit has passed with grace, but they had still translated to chapter 33, so that’s a few chapters you could potentially just copy and then move on.

  6. Luis says:

    You can overlap them if you want, but it would just be simpler to make a link to the website that has the previous chapters and just start on chapter 34.

  7. Lazypioneer says:

    As long as it’s pretty much readable i don’t think reader will complaint.
    Though sometimes the other translator won’t be happy cause they think you “steal” the job lol.
    Might want to tell old TL that you’re doing it so to not offend them.
    (The world is too damn sensitive this year)

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