Here’s the prologue


It’s my first time posting a translation.

I hope you like it. Here it is.


4 comments on “Here’s the prologue

  1. Treyon says:

    Thanks for the translation but someone else translated up to c33… are you gonna re-translate it and fix the errors in the other translation?


  2. johonson says:

    because it does not continue where the former translator for vol2c33


  3. sfcipher says:

    Hello, may I ask are you planning to take over from Nooblate? Nooblate was working on this WN although his last release was on 24MAY16. If you are going to take it over, are you start from the beginning or continue what Nooblate left off? Thanks.


  4. EH says:

    The other group stalled…thx for the chapter…


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