Got the next chapter done though.


Well, to those who are asking, yes I am translating it from the start. That, I was planning.

It’s my first time translating and wanted to translate the novels that I like so much and would like to start it from the start if possible. Well that’s why I started translating mainly.

Honestly I didn’t know that it was already being translated so I chose it translating it but since I got the next few chapters almost done, I thought I would try to continue posting it anyways. Still thinking about it twice though.

I’ll try posting two chapters a day until I catch up though. If I can. Possibly?

Here is chapter 1. Enjoy, I just hope.

8 comments on “Got the next chapter done though.

  1. kuroAnsatsu says:

    If you want to translate from the start, then see you next year

  2. Go for it guy it deserves to get translated its been 4 months

  3. Robbini says:

    Was being translated, but no translations for several months, so it’s more or less free to pick up. Some would agree with you TLing from the start, some would want you to continue from where they left off, but it’s your choice, but i’m afraid you won’t get that many readers until you atleast catch up, or show a much improved chapter quality (I can’t remember all the chapter, but they were pretty decent)

  4. Siberian says:

    Ty for picking this up, but i think its wiser to continue the translation at v2c34 since the translator is gone for 3 months and it is already eligible for you to take over

  5. Pablo AS says:

    Well, i wonder how you translate? the previous translation up to c33 was done by machine translators, so the quality of the chapters are so so and more than half the time there are parts that are hard to understand if i remember correctly.

    I recommend you check out the translator quality of the previous translated chapters and if you believe that you can do a better quality one, and you want to keep, then go on… if you think that the quality of your translations is not that much different then continue onwards from c34

  6. Hopo says:

    Thanks for picking this up! If you’re gonna translate it from the start it’s up to you.

  7. rorpuissant says:

    The other translation stopped abruptly. It would be a real pleasure to read more of this story.
    Thanks for your work.

  8. Countrymage says:

    I only come here through the NU links, so I didn’t read your other posts, but it’s nice to know that you’re gonna continue. While I would have preferred you continue from where the last translator left off, I can’t really deny that the early chapters were barely readable, and lots of stuff seemed off throughout….So, anyway, it’s a good excuse for a reread, thanks.

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